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Welcome to Corfu island

In the most beautiful island of Greece, Corfu island in Ionian Sea, in unique virgin beach of Chalikounas, next to St. Matthew village, southwest of Corfu island and beside the lake Korisson (region NATURA), in a rare coexistence of lake, dunes and the sea Corfu Villa Lefki was built in 2007.


The lake KORISSION (6.300 acres) and the magnificent golden beach (3 km length) Halikouna compose a magnificent landscape of water and dunes. In the back is the mountain Pantokrator with homonym on top monastery, the mountain known as the "GAMILIO OROS", a name from the mythical years, said there were marriages of Jason and Medea after Argonautic campaign in the year 390bC.


The corfu villa with fence around it secures a private accommodation in an area of 2,500 sq.m., with 900m grass-court measures, with magnificent views at sea, lake and mountain, with large parking spaces and perfect places for families and children.


The corfu villa can comfortably accommodate 6 adults and 2 children. For exciting vacation corfu villa LEFKI is a private luxury home, which can be "your luxury home away from home".


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